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Safe Haven Society

The Safe Haven Society

The Safe Haven Society was created in 2017 as a way to recognize those who support the organization at the $1,000 level, or more, annually. These families, currently about 160 in total, provide a significant portion of our Annual Campaign funding each year, and we are grateful.

Without the support of this community, this work would be draining beyond endurance. We appreciate your gifts, of course, but please know how much we value the message those gifts convey. Every day, our staff and volunteers feel your encouragement and commitment to making this a safer place for all. Thank you.

- April Burgess-Johnson

Executive Director

Safe Haven Society Leadership

Thank you to Don Swaby for chairing our efforts to recognize and grow our Safe Haven membership. He has a long history of involvement with Helpmate, and with philanthropy in our community. He brings much enthusiasm and wisdom to this effort and we thank him for his leadership.

I believe, in a civilized country it is the responsibility of those who can to try to protect the most vulnerable in that society. In the United States the most vulnerable find themselves in abusive situations. When a child witnesses abuse, they are also affected, physically, emotionally or both. The scars can last a lifetime. Helpmate is so important to our community because it stands ready to support those who cannot readily protect themselves.

- Don Swaby

There are several ways to become a Safe Haven Society Member:

  • Make a secure donation online (add recurring donation to make an even bigger impact!):




  • By Mail:  Checks can be mailed to Helpmate, PO Box 2263, Asheville, NC  28802.
  • Stock Gifts:  For details, contact Lauren Jackson, Development Coordinator, 828.254.2968 ext. 134 or
  • Matching Gifts:  Does your company match employee giving?  Please include Helpmate as a recipient of a matching gift.
  • Employee Giving Campaigns:  Helpmate participates in a number of employee giving campaigns.  Please watch for these at your place of employment and include Helpmate as you make your giving choices.  Giving via payroll deduction is easy and painless. They can be one-time gifts, or a recurring deduction from each paycheck.  Either way, Helpmate appreciates your support in this way.
    • United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County
    • State Employees Combined Campaign (employees of the state of North Carolina)
    • Combined Federal Campaign (federal employees)
    • United Way of Henderson County


Helpmate is a 501(c)(3) organization and your gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Thank you to these Safe Haven Society Members

Richard and Kerri Aab
Jennifer and Nathan Adams
Joel and Marla Adams
Gary Anderson
Harry and Lynn Anderson
Michele Anderson
Holly and Bernard Arghiere
Susan Arnold and David Waldrep
Louise Bahnson
James and Carol Bailey
Pam and Barry Bailey
Meredith Balgley and Erik Bendix
James and Julia Barham
Paul and Gill Bellows
Stephen and Joanne Betso
Diana Bilbrey
Travis and Jenny Boyer
Beverly A. Brignolo and David W. Robb
Terri Brne and Jodi Travis
Ed and Donna Broadwell
Sally Broughton and Toby Ives
Philip and Donna Brown
Janice and Joe Brumit
Robert Brunk
Scott and Tracy Buchanan
Nathan and Anne Burkhardt
Addie Burton-Walsh
Al and Libby Campbell
Stephen Canner and Linda Zolyak
Ellen O. Carr
Barbara Caselli
Judy Chaet
Roseann and Douglas Cioce
Lori Clark
Terry and Debbie Cline
Carrie and Stephen Coward
Simeon Cross
Jane Curran
Wendy Danielson
John and Jeannie Davis
Michael and Libby de Caetani
Jerry De Land
Susan Denne and James Aydelotte
Robert Deutsch
Jurgen and Leslie Dierks
Rod and Cindi Douglas
Logan and Stephanie D’Souza
Sally Duyck
Katherine Early
Jennie Eblen and Rick Perkins
Rick and Bridget Eckerd
Evelyn Ellis
Curtis and Donna Ensley
Linda Eriksen and Carey McKain
Betsy Ervin
Francine Farthing
Sue Fernbach and Jim Rishebarger
Nicole and Kyte Ferrell
Cheri Fisher
Patricia Fitzpatrick
Jacqui and Craig Friedrich
Deborah Fulton-Helmer
Ellen Gaddy
Donald and Kathleen Gardner
Edeltraut Gilgan-Hunt
Francie Glickman
Mickey and Kay Goodman
Frederick and Margaret Gourdin
Alan and Pam Green
Craig Green
Jim and Joyce Greene
Paula Grillot
Junius and Patricia Grimes
Larry and Barbara Griswold
Sheri and James Groce
Neal and Amy Hanks
William and Danelle Hansen
Barbara and Ernest Harwig
Vickie Hauser
William “Rusty” Herman
Catherine and James Hitesman
Tom and Cindy Holman
Carla Hughson-Schmitt
Mena Kates
Cathy Klein
Michelle Kostelich
Peter Krull

Victoria Lamberti
Debbie Lane
Pamela and David Lane
Jill and Joe Lawrence
Paul and Judy Lerwick
Bob Lewis
Donna Lieder
Patti and Glenn Liming
Joni Lisenbee
Rebekah Lowe
William and Janice Maddox
John Maltry
Amy Mandel
Art Mandler and Sarah Tambor
Richard and Rebecca Manske
Sue and Ray McClinton
Kathryn and Mark McLane
Cindy and John McMahon
Kerney and Jane McNeil
LeNoir Medlock and Charlton Brashear
Josh Mellon
Tom Milazzo
Donald and Holly Millsaps
George and Judy Morosani
James and Caroline Morris
Jane Morrow
Peggy Newell
The Oliver Family
Greg Olson and Rosalind Willis
Charlie and Eleanor Owen
Harli and Kevin Palme
Fran Paschall
Michelle and Karl Payton
Judith Peterson
Robert and Barbara Peterson
Robert and Martha Pierce
James and Mary Powell
Terry Powell and Zenda Addis
Mary Louise Powell
Nancy Ramsay
Robert and Kim Reynolds
Graham and Jennifer Reynolds
Julie Risedorf
William and Carolyn Robichaux
Michael and Carol Rosenblum
Charles and Ramona Rowe
Ellen Sandweiss
Ceil and Ray Sanow
Toby Schaffer
Bill and Joyce Sederburg
Susan and Charlie Shanor
Clare Shapiro
Teresa Slaughter and David Howarth
Jeff Slosman
Yvonne Smith
Diana Spangler-Crawford
Bonnie and Tom Spradling
John and Peg Steiner
Deborah Ann Sternberg
Jerry  and Marlene Sternberg
James and Robin Stickney
Jill Stowe
Donald and Susannah Swaby
David and Teresa Swint
Charles and Lindsay Thompson
Randy and Kathleen Treiber
Teresa Tuers
Terry Van Duyn
Randy and Patti Vanderbeek
Tracy Veteto
Larry Wagner
Sam and Joanne Walker
Gordon and Wendy Walton
Barbara Wasson
Jack Webb
Monwell and Patricia Westphal
Lucy Wheeler and Ted White
Joseph and Ellen Wilkerson
Diana Wortham
Jodi Wygmans

Our thanks also to those donors who prefer their names not to be listed.